Staying motivated is probably one of the hardest things for many, including us, when it comes to eating healthy, working out regularly, drinking enough water, etc. You name it, finding the motivation to stay on track can be difficult.

We wanted to share a few tips that help the US keep on track with our workouts and eating healthy to reach our fitness goals!

A little background about us, we do our workouts at home, so we have to really push ourselves to workout instead of sitting in front of our computers or watching TV on the couch.

Let us expand on these 4 tips that help us stay motivated that we feel will help you too. Remember every fitness goal can be achieved you just have to be prepared and focused in all parts of life.

  1. Have your workout clothes and tennis shoes ready: either next to your bed if you workout in the morning or already in your gym back ready to go. We have noticed when we are dressed and ready to go, it is easier to get motivated to workout.
  2. Wear cute yet comfortable clothing.Seriously if you like your outfit, it helps you feel better about yourself…. are we right? Well, at least we feel when you dress the part, you can do it!
  3. Have a workout journal.Write out what you plan to do the night before. Most of the time we know what workout we are doing the night before, so there is no excuse for us to skip it. Plus knowing what workout we are doing helps us get excited to get up the next morning to do it!
  4. If working out at home, have an area of your house that is dedicated to your workouts.Have a basket full of your weights, timer (we love gym boss timer), jump rope, yoga mat, kettlebell… whatever you use. If you workout at the gym know the equipment and where everything is located.