Protein isn’t just for bros chugging shakes at the gym. Protein is necessary for all diets, for all types of people!

Protein is involved in every single cell in your body. It’s the building block of hair, skin, and muscles. One of the most important qualities of protein for us fitness finds is that it aids in muscle repair. This means that when your muscles are sore and feeling the effects of that brutal workout you did, protein swoops in and helps you recover. But it’s not only relegated to post-workout nourishment, protein belongs in your diet all day long!

The best sources of lean protein come naturally from foods that you likely eat regularly. We’re highlighting lean protein here, which means it has very low amounts of fat. While other forms of protein (like pork and steak) have their own benefits, these lean protein options will give you a healthy helping of protein without any excess fat.

Tips for picking the best sources of lean protein:

  • Look for boneless, skinless chicken breast
  • Buy 93% or higher ground meats like turkey
  • Aim for white fish like tilapia instead of fatty fish like tuna steak
  • Buy nonfat Greek yogurt